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Canal Details

Two sections of trail are currently open: Metamora to Twin Locks and the Yellow Bank Trailhead. Our plan is to eventually join those sections of trail and extend it further to Tecumseh Landing.

To dig deeper, either before or after your visit, see our lists below of inventory, GPS coordinates, aerial views of the Trail and more...


Locks and feeder dams in Franklin County: 

Originally, there were 23 Locks and three Feeder Dams in Franklin County. Today, 14 Locks and one Feeder Dam still exist. Some are on private property.

Lock locations and names: 

  • North of Brookville near Butler Run - Lock 19, Reeds
  • Near  the Recycling Center - Lock 20, Boundary Hill
  • At Yellow Bank Creek - Lock 21, Yellow Bank
  • At Shack Road - Locks 22 & 23 Twin Locks
  • Along US52 at Rest Park - Lock 24 Gordon's
  • In Metamora at Mill - Lock 25 Metamora Lock   

Original Canal Terminals:

  • South - Cincinnati and Lawrenceburg
  • Central - Cleves, Valley Junction, North Bend, Harrison,  New Trenton, Cedar Grove, Brookville, Metamora, Laurel, Berlin, Milltown, Connersville, Milton
  • North - Cambridge City, Hagerstown 


 Lock 18      Brookville Basin      N39degrees 24.903'   W85degrees 00.771' 
 Lock 19      Brookville (north)    N39degrees 25.688'    W85degrees 01.035'
 Butler Run Culvert                    N39degrees 25.698'    W85degrees 01.059'
 Lock 20      Boundary Hill          N39degrees 25.781'    W85degrees 02.363'
 Lock 21      Yellow Bank            N39degrees 26.191'    W85degrees 03.708'
 Lock 22      Twins                      N39degrees 26.195'    W85degrees 05.698'
 Lock 23      Twins                      N39degrees 26.118'     W85degrees 05.540'
 Lock 24      Millville                    N39degrees 26.825'     W85degrees 07.440'
 Lock 25      Metamora               N39degrees 26.826'     W85degrees 08.151'
Courtesy of Paul Baudendistel and Donald Burden. If you find a more accurate reading, please let us know.

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The goal of the Whitewater Canal Trail, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit corporation, is to foster activities along the Whitewater Canal corridor that focus on historical preservation and interpretation, outdoor recreation and natural resource conservation while promoting sustainable development and improved quality of life in connected communities.