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The Whitewater Canal  from the Laurel Feeder Dam to Brookville is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Canal Trail  follows the historic canal route as it travels through the heart of the Whitewater River Valley in Franklin County, Indiana. 

Two sections
of the Canal Trail are open and can be accessed at
at the Metamora Trailhead and the Yellow Bank Trailhead. And, at the eastern end of the proposed trail is Tecumseh Landing, where visitors can park and take a short walk to the bank of the beautiful Whitewater River.

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There are three locations where you can access the open sections of the Whitewater Canal Trail.

Visitors to the Metamora Section of the Canal Trail will see some of the best examples of authentic canal structures anywhere. You can park near the mill in “downtown” Metamora and walk about .4 miles east through historic Metamora - to the Duck Creek Aqueduct. Or, you can park in the lot near the aqueduct. From there, the trail travels 2.6 miles along the Whitewater River valley, bordering farm fields and through wooded areas to the “Twin Locks.”

At the Yellow Bank Trailhead, there is approximately 1 mile of trail. To the east, the trail passed a number of interesting features, in-cluding a wildlife habitat planting and the site of an old ice-harvesting pond. Just a few hundred yards to the west of the parking lot, you can visit the ruins of the Yellow Bank Lock. Due to the generosity of the adjoining property owners, Moster Turf, and financial from the Canal Society of Indiana, you can walk right into the center of the old lock chamber and then climb the steps to the top of the lock wall for an over-view of the entire structure.

Tecumseh Landing is located at the south end of the town of Brookville. You can park next to the drive-through Visitor’s Center and then take a short walk, which crosses the railroad track and ends on the bank of the beautiful Whitewater River.


Whitewater Canal Trail / P.O Box 126 / Brookville, Indiana 47012 / / (513) 295-4820